The rapid growth of the world economy and the process of globalization have made the economic environment more dynamic and competitive. This situation creates opportunities and challenges for the country’s economic growth. The agricultural sector which includes the agro-food industry is also facing challenges, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic and requires transformation to increase its contribution in supporting the aspirations of high-income countries. Modernization of agriculture driven by Research and Development (R&D), technology and innovation is the main approach to support the process transformation of the agro-food industry. Therefore, the committee from the Malaysian Society of Agricultural and Food Engineers (MSAE) hereby takes the initiative by organizing the National Agricultural and Food Engineering Convention (NAFEC 2025). The convention brings together academics, legal practitioners, industry experts, and individuals in the field of agricultural and food engineering in Malaysia to discuss the latest technology, the needs, and problems of the agricultural and food industry, to share good agricultural and food practices and suggestions to improve the law, especially for agricultural and food engineering sector.


  1. Empowering agricultural and food engineering applications through a comprehensive approach in each agricultural value chain.
  2. Provide a platform for information and technology sharing and debate on government policies related to agricultural and food engineering in more detail and holistically between the government and the groups involved.
  3. Expanding the community network of agricultural and food engineering drivers with stakeholders